Concrete Paving Stones provide Variety, Durability and Affordability

Pavers, or “paving stones”, made of concrete won’t just add strength and durability to your residential or commercial property, but will also add elegance, class and old world charm. Concrete pavers successfully mimic the look and feel of brick and stone, allowing you to create eye-catching driveways, walkways, pool decks, patios, retaining walls and even parking lots. Choose from an almost unlimited number of styles, colors, shapes and designs to add the perfect personality and look that will transform your outdoor spaces.

Because of how they are manufactured, concrete paving stones are even more durable than poured concrete, making them ideal for any surface that bears heavy pedestrian or vehicular traffic, such as residential driveways and commercial parking lots. The cost of concrete pavers is less than the cost of natural stone or clay brick pavers.

Since concrete pavers can be pigmented in a wide variety of colors and shapes, they are more versatile and offer much more selection. They are easier to install, making installation of concrete paving stones more affordable. These pavers, however, are vulnerable to color fading and erosion over time, requiring more maintenance (such as sealing) in the long run.

When it comes to designing and installing concrete pavers for residential and commercial applications, we exceed expectations. We have thrived for over 40 years by using the highest quality materials, the most advanced equipment and provide unequalled client service.

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