Considering their beauty, durability and affordability, Why Not Pavers?

Though paving stones, or “pavers” are all the rage today, we have been designing and installing them for decades. In fact, pavers have been used since ancient Roman times. Even today, in Greece, Italy and other European countries, you can still see remnants of these old but solidly constructed roads. In contrast, even the best installed concrete will eventually require maintenance or replacing.

Pavers are more than durable and strong. They add beauty, style, texture, color and sophistication to any commercial or residential property, including parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, walkways and pool decks. The benefits of paving stones greatly outweigh those of asphalt or concrete, but only if they are installed expertly. Our 40+ successful years in business is why you should choose The Asphalt Jungle for the design and installation of your paving stones.

MORE DURABLE – Pavers are resistant to weather, such as rain, snow and heat. Because they are flexible, they deliver a very durable, crack-proof surface that can easily support normal vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Pavers are stronger than concrete and can last for generations.

MORE SUSTAINABLE – Paving Stones are made with natural aggregates that do not rely on petroleum-based ingredients. Far less equipment is used in their production and installation. Permeable pavers – the interlocking kind – allow water to seep through the joint spaces and into the earth, unlike concrete surfaces, where water runs off into storm drains before they can pollute local watersheds.

MORE VERSITILE – There is practically no end to the choices of material, colors, sizes and styles, nor to the infinite variety of designs and patterns, that can be achieved with paving stones. With pavers made from concrete, stone and brick, we can create for you beautiful, classy and livable outdoor spaces that fit your vision, your style and your budget.

MORE VISUAL APPEAL – Paving Stones allow for a wider variety of styles than simple concrete. Pavers, when done right, can drastically change the look and feel of your property for the better, adding rustic charm and class, color and texture, as well as contrast with your home and landscape.

SAFER – As a matter of safety, pavers feature a non-skid surface for both vehicles and pedestrians, even when wet.

INCREASED VALUE – Pavers are a great investment, as they enhance both the aesthetics and value of your property by increasing what real estate agents call “the curb appeal”. A driveway made with paving stones adds value when it comes time to sell or appraise your home.

EAISER TO MAINTAIN – Paving Stones are easier and more cost effective to maintain than other poured surfaces. Pavers that are high quality are guaranteed not to crack or break. They can be removed and even reused without major structural changes. The extremely low cost of maintenance of Pavers helps offset the initial investment of materials and installation.